Why not to try it?

by Dovydas

Hello everyone.

Today I would like to share my thoughts with you about my journey into the Forex world. To me Forex associates with some kind of secret way of making money at home. And it is very attractive. So I thought why not try it?

First of all I have to say that I am new to this thing, this online money making world. The first time I have heard about online foreign currency exchange was two months ago. At the beginning I was so excited about it, that I haven’t slept all night. I tried to find as much information as I could. And I did. I have downloaded my first trading platform – Plus500. I know it is a bit “light” for real traders, but for such newbie as me it was very simple and user friendly. Though I did not use it longer that a week, but I liked the possibility to sell or buy oil and gas.

After a week, I decided to try out a new platform and it was the well known MetaTrader 4. At the first glance it looked very difficult to understand, because it has a lot of options and settings allowing you to make your work easier.

After a couple of days I adopted to this platform. However, I have to admit that my experience is based on demo account conditions. I did not try to work with real money yet. I want to get know better how to do this first. And after that I hope will be able to gain more profit than loss. Thank you and bye.

Barry's Reply:

Thanks, Dovydas for sharing that short story. You are just getting started and you're on the right track by using a demo account first and not rushing into this business. Take your time and learn all that you need to know before using real money. Good Luck

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