Trading views and its returns

(Coimbatore,Tamil nadu,India)

I would like to share my views about trading. As trading is a very important to all now a days to improve their knowledge as well to earn profit. I got idea about trading and its benefits from my dear and nears and received details to start online trading business. All the work related in opening account and initial payments and other feed backs were given by the person who is an agent. No one alone can do any do business without ideas. So it is better to move to these agents and can start trading. These people would might charge minimum amount as their brokerage for both selling as well buying of shares. Give ideas and update each and every movement about the share values and their change and help us to buy them on low rate and sell them at high price if the market is on boon.

Other sources which are available to get ideas and to improve more on trading is online news like money control and also many news papers are also providing day to day details of the shares to buy and sell.

So People should make use of it and understand the ways to use it and buy good shares and earn profit. Also there are two types of trading one is intra day and the other is delivery basis. New beginners always should prefer to buy shares on delivery basis as they may not aware about the intra day business. In intra day, profit or loss any thing may happen within that particular date but on delivery, can buy as many as we can at a low price and sell it when share price increases.

Watching TV news about shares and learning papers like Hindu, Indian express and viewing other share related websites will always helps to increase the knowledge about the shares.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to write my view.

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