Trading Computer Tips

Is your day trading computer or any other computer running sluggishly? Here's some simple tips on how to keep them running like new.

If you have a computer that is dedicated to trading, most likely your only connection through the internet is to your broker. Some traders might be also connected to a data source, if not supplied by the broker. Others might also be connected to a day trading software provider.

The point is, if you have a computer dedicated to trading that's great. When trading with a dedicated computer you really don't have to worry much about picking up various pieces of internet garbage, such as spyware, malware, trojans and viruses, since you're not surfing all over the web with it.

But, what if you're someone that doesn't have the resources to have a dedicated trading rig? You have to use the same computer for day trading stocks as you use to surf the web and do email. Is this you?

The last thing you want when day trading is to be using a computer that's been bloated by miscellaneous spyware, key loggers, trojans, etc.....not to mention unnecessary start-up programs running in the background while you're trying to watch timely quotes and use your charting technical analysis platform!!

I know there's probably some of you that have to share your computer with maybe a wife (hopefully not children) and she's surfing all over the web for clothes or whatever right......picking up misc, tracking cookies and who knows what else on your dual trading rig/web surfing computer.

trading computer tips


So what do you do if that's you and you notice your computer getting slow? Well, even if your not real computer savvy, I'm going to show you how to easily keep your computer always running fast and like new.

If you do this a couple times a year like I do, it becomes very quick and easy to do. The first time might take you a while, but it's well worth your time to learn.

If you've never done a back-up of your hard drive, shame on you.....because it's just a matter of time before you have a computer meltdown, that's going to cause you to lose all your family photos and/or videos that are on the computer.

Step 1) Buy a USB Drive (a.k.a. thumb drive). They're cheap. Get at least 8GB, or larger depending on size of your files. An alternative is to back-up files using an online service like Carbonite or Mozy.

Step 2) Back-up all necessary files (docs, pics, video, etc.) on the USB drive using the back-up icon when it comes up. If the back-up icon doesn't come up, just drag & drop your folders on to the UBS Drive page.


Step 4) If you have a Compaq or HP brand computer (other brands do this as well), they sometimes have a partition on the hard drive set up to do a complete windows re-install. You can access this by re-booting your computer and looking for the prompt called "F11 Recovery" option before Windows come up. Just follow the instructions to re-install a fresh copy of Windows on your hard drive. If you don't have this convenient option, then you'll need the manufacturer's Windows Disk and Driver's disk to insert into the DVD for a complete re-install. Follow Window's instructions. Then if required, install drivers next.

Step 5) Now you should notice that your computer runs like a brand new machine....but you want to keep it that way, right? you can do the following.

Step 6) Download the FREE program CCleaner. Click the start-up button under tools. This shows all programs that start automatically when you boot-up your computer. If there's something there that you recognize, but know you don't need at start-up, click disable or delete.

Now here's a good trading computer tip.....take a screenshot of what is remaining and save it. That way you can check back occasionally to look at your start-up programs, to see if any other programs have "latched on" and are starting up without your approval, and taking up resources. You'll have the old screenshot to remember what should or shouldn't be there.

Also, every couple weeks or so, run CCleaner's main cleaner utility and their Registry cleaner tool too.

Step 7) Download the following FREE programs for detecting spyware, malware, adware and viruses. I've used all of them for years and they do and adequate job.





Step 8) Update each in step 7, before running every week.

The above software will help you for a while, but in my opinion, there's nothing like a clean fresh Windows re-install every now and then to make your computer run like new. Kind of like getting you car detailed, if you know what I mean.

I hope the above trading computer tips help you out. Remember, back up your files regularly.


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