NinjaTrader Is A Great Learning Tool

by William T.
(Dallas, TX)

NinjaTrader is a great learning tool for someone new to trading like myself. All functions in the simulator can be used for free, which is a really easy way to learn about different types of orders, including stop loss orders and buy stop orders.

I really like the way NinjaTrader's ChartTrader works. How it allows you to move your stops up or down, right on the chart as price moves with the trade. Or setup buy stops right on the chart. Its very visual and easy to use.

The simulated data feed with trend control allow you to create trends in any direction at any speed, which can really speed up your ability to make simulated trades and easily learn their trade management screens.

As far as the quality of the charts, they're as good or better than any I've used before and have all the indicators I like.

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