New To Trading

by Tyler
(Grapevine, TX)

I am very new to trading. Only 4 1/2 months of paper-trading and 1 1/2 months live trading. I trade in the US equity and option market. I am in the process of learning to use futures as a way to hedge my portfolio with these spot days of a down market. I have been working on my technical and charting skills. I have worked from monthly/weekly positions to daily/weekly positions. I have always been interested in the markets. I just decided one day to start learning and the more I learned the more I can't wait for the markets to open.

I don't have a mentor, but would love to have one. (Anyone in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area?) I dedicate early morning through the trading day and research at night before bed. I currently use Think Or Swim. I know it's not good for day trading, but their software and layout is what I know. I'd rather use something I know and work on my strategies and indicators, then change platforms. I use a 19" HP laptop with an extra 24" monitor. Not a typical trade station, but it works!

My understanding of technical indicators, price action and understanding how volatility works in the market is what turned my trading around for the better. The more I study and implement, better my trading gets. Position sizing, entry and exits are really important to me.

I currently use indicators, price action and volume in my trading. Trying to learn what works best for my style.

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