Day Trading Office CheckList

Is your home office ready for day trading?

Find out with this simple checklist.

  • Can your trading computer handle active, heavy volume markets? Can it's CPU handle the the various trading programs that you'll be running? Has it been locking up during simulator or real trading?

  • Have you checked your trading computer's 'Windows Task Manager' when running all required stock trading software to see if you possibly need more RAM (memory) than your computer currently has?

  • (optional) Do you have a separate computer specifically for surfing the web and email, so that your main trading computer stays 100% virus, malware and spyware free?

  • Have you determined through simulator trading that your amount of screen real estate is adequate for the type of trading that you'll be doing?

  • Do have a plan in place in case you are in a trade(s) and your internet connection goes down or will you panic?

  • If you're using a back-up modem, have you tried disconnecting the main modem to make sure you know how to reconnect to the internet and your broker with the secondary modem?

  • You shouldn't be using wireless devices (mouse, keyboard), but if you do, you've got extra batteries, right?

  • Do you have a plan in place in case you are in a trade(s) and your trading office's power goes off, or will you panic?

  • Do you need a back-up power supply? If so, do you know how long the battery power will last with the amount of devices connected. (Tip: Not all electrical sockets in the back of a battery UPS will provide back-up power. Some only provide electrical surge protection.)

  • Did you remember to plug your modem's power supply into the UPS? Even though your modem operates through the phone line or cable, it will not operate when your electricity goes off unless it's plugged into the UPS.

  • Do you have your broker's phone number quickly accessible in your desk or cell phone in case of emergencies? Did you make sure it's their direct trading desk number and not their main phone number?

  • If using a 2nd computer for web/email, do you have a copy of all trading software installed on it as a back-up with current trading software settings?

  • Do you have your trading computer's software settings backed up on a usb drive, in case your operating system goes down and you have to re-install Windows and erase the hard drive?

  • Is your ISP and modem completely independent from your family's internet activities? If not, it should be!

  • Is your trading office or area sufficiently private and quiet enough so that you can concentrate on your trading? Or will you have frequent interruptions which may cause stress?

  • Do you have a chair that is comfortable enough that you can manage to sit in for hours at a time?

  • Are your monitors positioned so they don't cause frequent headaches?

  • Is the lighting in your trading office causing bothersome reflections? Ceiling mounted lights, especially fluorescent lighting can really cause irritating reflections.

  • Do you have too many monitors? Could you reduce eye strain and neck pain by bringing your chart and price data directly in front of you on fewer monitors instead of having to look up at another higher level of screens?

  • Are the color combinations you're using for your charts and screens causing headaches? Would more neutral colors be better?

  • Does your trading desk offer sufficient space for the amount of equipment you've got on it, or are things practically falling off the corners? Give yourself some elbow room!

Day Trading Equipment

(Power Supplies, Monitors, Chairs, Computers, Desks, etc.)