A Passionate Intraday Trader - Part 2

by Andrea
(Rome, Italy)

My trade station consists of a single notebook with a bigger screen tied to it. I've got a desktop computer on the right side, in case of malfunctioning and I have 2 different internet connections in case one of them stops working. If everything stops working - thank god it has never happened - my options are to call the bank or to call some trusted people to open my account and close the positions.

On the smaller monitor I have the DJI index, a screener list and a chart to evaluate the screener results.
A few templates are available on the bigger monitor.
Sometimes I put there 6 stocks I want to follow during the day, sometimes just 3 to focus better - and to have a better view - and a list of stocks for the relative strength changes during the day. I change this list often during the session to check the DJI components and my 4 lists for Nyse and Nasdaq.

Barry's Reply: Thanks again Andrea for the follow-up post and photo. You seem to have a solid methodology in place and doing well. I think it's great that you're able to trade our American markets successfully from Rome, Italy. That certainly makes for some interesting working hours. Global markets trading -- another example of what a great home-based business day trading stocks can be.

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